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Jobs. Sustainability. If only these 2 words were associated with Taste Bahamas, we can say the company has been a success.

The Bahamas is a beautiful country with so much to offer, but the land and sea is wasted and being squandered. It's not a time to complain but a time for action. Take the land into your own hands and control the fate of our country. Roughly 20-30 years ago, we had cows roaming our outislands producing our milk instead of importing powder and adding water. We had crops lining the roads that were brought over for sale all over the mainland. What happened? Why aren't we taking advantage of the land that we have? Let's make ourselves sustaianable, healthy and happy. Build our economy where it should be.

That's why we built TasteBahamas.com. A easy to use, (really it's so easy) platform that allows any single person in The Bahamas that can grow Basil on their windowsill, cook amazing Guava Duff or owns farmland where they are growing corn and watermelon, to sell their products to any other Bahamian, and eventually the world.


Our mission is very straightforward. We want to build a self-sustaining Bahamaland. We have traveled to so many parts of the world where they sell locally grown/made wares for little to nothing and it's healthy and probably some of the best food you'll ever have. Here in The Bahamas though, we struggle to grow even the simplest of produce.

TasteBahamas.com is an online marketplace where Bahamians can shop and find locally grown and locally produced products from Bahamian farmers, home cooks, chefs and stores.

With this online market place, anyone with enough space to grow a small garden in the backyard, or acres of farmland can harvest and sell their products. Home chefs can put together a delicious potato salad for sale, or maybe you make some of the best brownies or chicken souse. The possibilities are endless.

The only real question is, are you ready for a change? Are you tired of finding wilted, dirty, and beaten produce or rushing to the store to make sure you get the best spinach before it's all gone? Are you ready to be a part of a new beginning where the Bahamian people get first pick instead of the leftovers? Where you can find some of the freshest ingredients grown locally and not in-mass where chemicals and other harmful additives are needed? Now the choice is in your hands.

Our lands are rich and have so much potential. Let's not waste them.

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